Get MAD with your data

A good dashboard (application, report or however you want to define it) needs to follow some rules of best practice design to be understood by the end user as successfully as possible

Over the years I have built numerous dashboards and reports and when it comes to a BI application the most common and successful ones I have done follow the MAD framework. ….


Using Data Visualisation to support better personal health

About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes, at 33 and not that overweight it was a bit of a weird one. Although I was a bit shocked at the time, it was generally a positive experience because it helped to explain why I felt the way that I did, tired and sick.

Initially I took to the management of it and kept pretty tight control over my diet and exercise, over time though I became complacent and bad habits started creeping in.


Best Practice Visualisation

Design with  purpose

The point of a visualisation is to communicate its data in a quick and meaningful way while remaining accurate. A visualisation should serve a clear purpose and not overwhelm the users with unnecessary details.