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Times they are a changing…  and so are we.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to rethink how we deliver our training programs.

We have been working closely with our customers to design a new way to deliver the same great product but in a different way.

Power BI training delivered remotely.

All our training are now available to be delivered in group sessions as remote online modules. We use either Microsoft Teams or Blue Jeans. However if your organisation works on different technology we can work in with you.

Instead of delivering full day sessions we have broken our fundamentals into 3 x 3 hour sessions.

Looking for a public session? scroll to the bottom of the page for public session timetable and to register

Power BI Data Visualisation Fundamentals

Session 1 and 2 – Create Visualisations with Power BI

 In Create Visualisations with Power BI attendees learn the fundamentals of developing a Power BI report, best practice design and development.

Workshops Outline

  • Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources
  • Define business rules, KPIs and Actionable Insights
  • Explore and transform your data
  • Build data visualisations using best practice approach

Session 3 – Advanced Power BI – Data Visualisations

In Advanced Power BI attendees expand on what they learned in the Create Visualisations workshop by learning more advanced techniques for shaping data, visualisation design and data story telling.

Workshop Outline

  • Storytelling with data and how it leads to actionable insights
  • The agile process to creating Power BI data visualisations
  • Understand the art behind visualisations
  • Gain familiarity with Power BI report layouts and structure
  • The implications of choosing the right charts
  • Gain familiarity over the use of Power BI custom visuals


  • Public Session | $900 per person for 3 Sessions
  • Company – Private Sessions up to 4 people | $2,000


Other Training Services delivered remotely

Advanced Data Shaping

This course introduces attendees to the concepts of advanced data modelling, importing data from multiple sources, M language and the advanced editor.

Workshop Outline

  • The Power BI Desktop data model, its components and most effective schemas
  • Gain an understanding of the Power Query M language
  • Import data from a variety of sources
  • Create queries using toolbar navigation and Advanced Editor
  • Parameters
  • Organise queries using folders


  • Individual – Public Session | $400 / half day
  • Company – Private Sessions up to 8 people | $800


Mentored Learning

Mentored learning is an effective way for trainees to learn Power BI using data they are familiar with. It allows the trainee to embed knowledge and deliver an outcome that is specific to them. The delivery, phased over a series of sessions, allows them time to practice and action learning from each session while having support at each subsequent session to get help with any difficulties they are having.


  • Individual – 10 hours of Private Sessions | $2,000


Training Service we will deliver again once we can work closely with our attendees


Master Class

Embed the knowledge learnt in the Create Visualisations or advanced workshops by applying those skills to your own data in a supported environment.

During the Master Class, each attendee brings their own data set based on a requirement of something they need to delivery for their organisation. Support is on hand during the day to help each attendee through any difficulties and identify different way to approach and delivery their project.

Typically, people will make a good progress on developing a report with most of the work done on producing a good data model that will deliver the correct data set for them to continue to develop the data visualisation after the workshop


  • Individual – Public Session | $800 / full day
  • Company – Private Session up to 8 people | $1,600




For more information Download our Training Brochure or contact us using the form below


Upcoming Workshops


Course Location Date Length Price
Power BI Data Visualisation Fundamentals Remote 22nd, 24th and 25th June  2020 3 x 3 hour sessions $900 Register
Power BI Data Visualisation Fundamentals Remote T.B.C 3 x 3 hour session $900 Register
Power BI Data Visualisation Fundamentals Remote T.B.C 3 x 3 hour session $900 Register


“I was really enthralled with the exercises and how we did more and more, it felt like we were doing a real project which is bloody hard in a training situation so thank you heaps. I’d recommend this in a heart beat.”