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Get the most our of your BI tools by learning everything from the basics through to advance skills and best practice approaches. Our trainers are all current or past developers so you will learn from people that have experience. This means we can do more than just deliver the training course but support your learning and development specific to your requirements.

We provide training in the following areas

  1. Developing reports and visualisations
    • Analyst level
    • Developer level
  2. Data Literacy
  3. Best Practice Data Visualisation
  4. Mentored learning

Train in teams or join a public training session for individuals.



Upcoming Workshops


Course Location Date Length Price
Introduction to Power BI Dunedin 27th November 2019 1 Day $500 Register
Introduction to Power BI Auckland 13th December 2019 1 Day $500 Register
*  early-bird = 3 weeks prior to day 1 of the course



Courses Offered

Introduction to Power BI

This course is aimed at users that have little to no experience with Power BI. The course introduces the basic concepts of developing a report in Power BI and will equip the attendee with the skills to start developing basic data connections & visualisations and how to publish and share their reports.

  • Connect to, import, and transform data from a variety of sources
  • Define business rules and KPIs
  • Explore your data
  • Build stunning reports using best practice approach


  • Individual – Public Session | $500 / day
  • Company – Private Session up to 8 people | $1,600 ($3,200 for more than 8)


“I was really enthralled with the exercises and how we did more and more, it felt like we were doing a real project which is bloody hard in a training situation so thank you heaps. I’d recommend this in a heart beat.”



Advanced Data Visualisation and Advanced Data Shaping in Power BI

Advanced Data Visualisation

This course introduces developers to advanced concepts of data visualisation specifically data story telling

  • Understand the need for storytelling with data
  • Understand the agile process to creating Power BI data visualisations
  • Understand the art behind visualisations
  • Gain familiarity with Power BI report layouts and structure
  • Understand implications behind choosing the right charts
  • Gain familiarity over the use of Power BI custom visuals

Advanced Data Shaping

This course introduces attendees to the concepts of advanced data modelling, importing data from multiple sources, M language and the advanced editor.

  • Understand the Power BI Desktop data model, its components and most effective schemas
  • Gain an understanding of the Power Query M language
  • Import data from a variety of sources
  • Create queries using toolbar navigation and Advanced Editor
  • Understand parameters
  • Organize queries using folders


  • Individual – Public Session | $800 / half day
  • Company – Private Session up to 8 people | $1,600 ($3,200 for more than 8)



Mentored Learning

Mentored learning is an effective way for trainees to learn Power BI using data they are familiar with. It allows the trainee to embed knowledge and deliver an outcome that is specific to them. The delivery, phased over a series of sessions, allows them time to practice and action learning from each session while having support at each subsequent session to get help with any difficulties they are having.


  • Individual – 10 hours of Private Sessions | $2,000





Introduction to Shiny by RStudio.

This course introduces you to the fundmentals of Shiny by RStudio and is aimed at uses with little to no experience with R or Shiny. This course covers the minimal amount of R required for the course so is not a course for those intending on learning R itself.

  • Exploring RStudio
  • R Language
  • Basic Visualisations
  • tidyverse
  • Exploring Shiny
  • Basics of integrating Shiny with HTML

“The workshop was well structured, lots of good information and resources relevant to beginners and advanced users of R”

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