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Data & Analytics

At Flock Consulting we work with our customers to provide them with the best quality service for the full range of Data & Analytics services from Strategy to Development


BI Strategy

Devise a strategic plan for delivering actionable insights to your business.  Identify the who and how to deploy effective BI on an organisational scale.

  • Design guidelines and branding.
  • Who to take on the journey
  • Tool selection
  • BI deployment plan

BI Enablement

Uplift your BI capability and move from data gatherer to data story teller. Realise the potential of democratised data by enabling your workforce to perform BI.

  • Data visualisation best practices
  • Story telling with data
  • Mentored learning programs
  • Data wrangling and shaping
  • Accelerated BI delivery of early dashboards

BI Build

Boost your internal capacity by leveraging our team of experts to help you through your BI and reporting  backlog.  Realise economies of our dedicated support offerings.

  • Dashboard and report development
  • Deployment
  • End user training and dashboard user guides
  • Support services

Data Strategy

Create a roadmap to deliver a solid foundation and a single source that drives accurate and consistent enterprise-wide reporting.

  • Identify data domains
  • Prioritisation and sequencing of deliver
  • Bus Matrix

Data Build

Implement robust data warehouses and data lakes using our mature data loading frameworks.  Accelerate project deliver with data warehouse automation.

  • Database and ETL tool selection
  • Data Modelling
  • Development using Data Warehouse Load Framework
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Audit framework

Data Governance

Move beyond inconsistent, misunderstand and insecure data by adopting a data governance framework that protects and instils confidence in your organisation’s data.

  • Data quality plan (by data domain)
  • Identify data stewards/data domain owners
  • Data catalogue strategy
  • Making data definitions available to the organisation

BI Health

Validate BI in your organisation with an independent appraisal of the data and presentation layers of you BI environment.  Identify efficiencies and improvement opportunities.  Benchmark yourself against like organisations and decide your next step in the BI journey.