RTO – Visitor Stats Report

Do you want better access to visitor statistics for your RTO?

After working with an RTO here in New Zealand to produce a report to display key visitor stats we have worked hard on this to be able to make it available to any RTO.

This fully automated, interactive report is updated monthly with the latest available data and is flexible to allow an easy transition to new data sources in the future as data sources change.

As an RTO you can choose to take the report as it is and have the data personalised to your RTO, or choose to customise it further to have it designed with your branding and even add in different analysis or data.

Get a high level view of your RTO

A summary sheet lets you see the key indicators for each data set in the report.

This gives you the ability to quick review the current status and have a good high level view of what is happening.

Get more detailed information when required

If you want more information on a specific topic you can jump to that sheet to get into the data at a deeper level.

Compare your Region to another

Do you want to be able to see how your RTO compares to others.

The Regional Comparisons page allows you to see how spending has changed in your RTO compare to other RTO’s and compared to New Zealand.

This feature allows you to select specific RTO’s to compare instantly.

Try it out right here using the demo below