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Micro Data Discovery

Micro Data Strategy

Data Kick Start

Who is it for

For the business that is just starting to investigate the possibilities of what they can get from their data. For the business that has already started to get to know their data and has a good understanding of what they have to work with but don’t really know how to take the next step and map out a process to create the reporting they need. For the business that knows the data they have and what they want to achieve but just don’t know how to implement it.

What is it

You have been in business for a while and know you have built up quite a bit of data in the systems you use, they could be in the cloud or on systems on your premises. Now you want to do something with the data to make your business more successful

The Micro Data Discovery will help you identify what data you have, the quality of that data and any actions that will help you get to a good place to start on the next phase of your data journey.

Our consultant will work with you to:

  • Identify your data sources,
  • Understand what you want to achieve in your business through analysing and reporting on your data
  • Assess your current state and your desired future state
You may have just completed our Micro Data Discovery or you have been working through the initial steps to identify your data sources and map out some of your needs.

Your next step is start to look at the process you need to go through to build a strategy to implement and get you where you want to be. Developing a high quality BI solution takes time so it is best to look at it as a process over 12 – 18 months with range of stages in the process to achieve the best possible outcome

The Micro Data Strategy will put in play a process for you to follow and actions to be completed.

Our Consultant will work with you to:

  • Understand your business and your pain points
  • Identify you requirements and needs for reporting and analysis
  • Develop a plan for implementing over 12 – 18 months
Once you have identified the data you have, then figured out what you want to do with it, then it is time to start putting it into action.

The Data Kick Start will help you to implement your strategies and get you starting to analyse and report on your data like never before.

During the process of this solution we will:

  • Identify the right tools to deliver your requirements
  • Create an Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) process for your data into your BI tool
  • Create dashboards and reporting
  • Set up a deployment model for you business so you can share your reports with the rest of your business


1 day 1 day 10 days


We will deliver to you a report on your current state of data readiness, outline any actions you may need to complete prior to your next step in your data journey A comprehensive strategy plan for the next 12-18 months outlining actions and stages to deliver on your requirements identified during the Micro Data Strategy Your first set of dashboards and reports to allow you to start analysing the key areas of your business